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Haunted Prague – the City of Magical Tales and Legends - Bored? Not here!

Haunted Prague – the City of Magical Tales and Legends

Have you ever encountered a ghost? No, you say? Then it’s high time you did! Join us in a stroll after dark through the tortuous Old Town alleys to places frequented by Prague ghosts! This time, perhaps you’ll encounter the Headless Knight on his fire-breathing stallion. We guarantee you goose-bumps!

Ghosts appear at the witching hour in mysterious places where you sense that you are not alone and where, behind your back, you hear strange footsteps echoing your own. Is that just a loose stone, rolling down the dark street? You have just entered the territory of the real Prague ghosts

Those who want to clarify these mysteries should go (preferably accompanied) to the places where, according to legend, supernatural beings have frequently been spotted:


Liliová Street
The Headless Knight Templar appears on a white horse, holding his head tucked under his arm. He committed an evil act and did not agree with the punishment. He will find peace only when some brave person stops his horse and kills the rider with his sword.

Karlova Street
According to legend, a certain compulsive miser, when a fire broke out nearby, refused to help extinguish the flames, running home instead to save his money. He stuffed his gold coins into a sack and ran with them to safety. When he ran into Karlova Street, he suddenly clutched at his heart and died. Since then, whenever something in Prague is on fire, it is possible to see the figure of the Miser with a heavy sack on his back, rushing along Karlova Street to Charles Bridge.

Those who have already planned the long walk through the dark streets of Prague will find some guaranteed tips for haunted sites on the next page. And, last but not least, you will also learn about Prague’s Ghost Museum! Read on!