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Shops in Prague: Second Hand Stores with style

Good news for Prague's fashionistas: Anyone who loves fashion, can successfully go on a shopping spree in the golden city – even with a small budget! Citypilot shows the finest vintage shops in the city center. Read more!


Pools in Prague: Discover hidden lakes and natural swimming pools!

Hot, sultry weather: Those spending the summer months in the city appreciate the invention of air conditioning and ventilators at the office. Those who don’t need to work, are far better off: They can head for the pleasant cool and typical summer atmosphere in the many places that Prague has to offer. Where? Well, right here! Read more...

A Bird-Eye View of Prague: Get a Good Dose of Adrenaline

A classical tour of Prague has little appeal to you and you crave for some new adventures? Visit the airport located only an hour-drive from Prague and get lured into an unusual experience – a tandem jump. During the free fall you will see the country from the height of 4,000 meters. Excellent mood after landing is guaranteed! Read more...

The best theme parks in Bavaria and Saxony

Spring is here, time for excursions and activities. You are not up for biking or hiking? Then off you go - to one of 8 great theme parks just over the border! Citypilot will show you the best ones in Southern Germany and Austria. Read more...

Purchase of Properties in Prague: Prognosis for 2012

PARTNER NEWS // What can we expect on the Prague Real Estate market in 2012? It seems that a slightly pessimistic mood is prevailing with the renewal of market growth being postponed to 2014. What is the situation really like on the Real Estate market? Mr Miroslav Šibal, an experienced Senior Agent for Lexxus Norton, answered readers’ most frequently asked questions. Read more...

Prague pays off: Properties ahead of Gold

PARTNER NEWS // Czechs, who have always been enthusiastic builders of houses are now, during the financial crisis, even more easily able to realise the dream of living in their own homes. Justifiably so, because property which people utilise for themselves is one of the surest investments. Miroslav Šibal, a senior agent of Lexxus real estate agency, explains why purchasing a home pays off now and what customers should beware of. Read more...

By Bus and Train to Prague: national and international route connections including fares

Prague is both: a destination for foreigners on the one hand, an ideal starting point for excursions and short trips within the CR for residents and transients on the other. Most European cities offer extremly comfortable train rides to Prague. Citypilot shows the main route connections including journey times and fares! Read more...

Where to watch the European Football Championship? In Prague’s Best Sportsbars!

Football has a home! You are still looking for a location where to watch and enjoy soccer, football, hockey etc. with like-minded – expats or locals? Rejoice! Here the Citypilot tips presenting the best sports bars and pubs in the city! Read more...

Ready for the Summer: Prague's best Ice Cream

Stracciatella, nut, papaya, melon - the flavors are countless who are luring us again in these days to their glass display cases. But where is now really the best ice cream in town? We asked Prague - here is the result! Read more...

Outside Dining in Prague: The most beautiful outdoor venues!

The sun is shining and you really do not want to have lunch indoors again? We fully understand this and therefore we will show you where you can dine alfresco, while accommodating your budget and taste. Read more...

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