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Prague 2 – The Second Heart of the City


Serial: Beautiful Prague– just imagine the most attractive parts of the city!

It is as colourful as a mosaic –a place where you can do your own thing. There are historic landmarks and cultural centres at each step, but also venues where you can dance the night away. Senior citizens walk their four-legged friends in front of luxury residences and gay clubs, with the joyful noise of playing children echoing from the parks. Normal daily life of Prague “Two” is enjoyed not only by all its locals, but also by those foreigners who have come across it, probably merely by chance.

Introduction: Number 2 belongs to Prague residents and not to tourists. The streets are full of schoolchildren, one often has to help a mother with a stroller on to a tram, politics are discussed on benches and heads of families run from store to store to feed the hungry mouths awaiting them at home in the evening. The neighbourhood still enjoys an ordinary urban lifestyle, despite the changes in recent years in the form of a growing number of shops, restaurants and the gradual exodus of denizens to other parts of Prague. So, where is Prague 2 anyway?

Nearly everyone who has spent even one night in Prague has walked along bustling Wenceslas Square. The throngs of tourists strolling up and down, genuine 90s disco music inviting entry to souvenir shops and exchange offices on every corner only enhance the image of a commercial zone. You will find it difficult to find anything really typical of Prague here. But walk just a few steps, just behind Wenceslas Square’s landmark National Museum on its upper section - and the area takes on a completely different appearance. Welcome to Prague 2 - the Second Heart of the City!


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Vinohrady – Luxury, Greenery and Evening
Everyone will find the entrance. Behind the Museum, take the unsightly underpass beneath the street, climb the steps to the Muzeum tram stop and you are in Vinohrady (the Czech name means “Vineyards”). The tramline was already built in the late 19th century, when the green hills began to be transformed into a modern city. The appearance of the neighbourhood is thus determined by wide, straight streets and, of course, multi-storey brick buildings with their First Republic facades and gazebos. And, naturally, the housing prices correspond to this.

If any interested person has the misfortune to be able to search only for flats with unregulated rental, renting a 50-m flat for less than ten thousand crowns per month is an exceptional feat. Mostly, however, the price climbs much higher. For the rental of a 100-m flat, one has to reach deep into the pocket, as an amount exceeding 25 thousand per month will be no exception.


Czech pubs, music and gay clubs - that's Vinohrady nightlife!

The popularity of Vinohrady as a residential area is not based only on the beauty of the facades, tidiness of the streets or simply because there is something special about living in an apartment with three-metre high ceilings and huge windows. Vinohrady is popular among Praguers for another reason as well, at least certainly among those who want to enjoy life to the fullest. And what is that?
Because Number 2 ranks among the top in Prague in the area of gastronomic services, not only in terms of quality, but almost certainly in quantity. Locals consider the task of finding a street without any bar, restaurant, pizzeria, café, club or pub to be one of the most difficult tasks. Vinohrady offers a wealth of “top” enterprises, which does not mean high prices, but rather an excellent price-performance ratio for the customer.

Tip: For every tourist who wants to see a real Czech pub full of Czech-speaking people, but does not want to leave the centre, Vinohrady is clearly the number one choice. For example, a truly traditional pub atmosphere is guaranteed in the U Dandů restaurant or in the U Bohouše restaurant. Beer is drawn almost faster than guests manage to consume it, and you can also order traditional Czech specialities.


Do you like quiet areas, where dogs bark after dark? Well, Prague 2 probably will not be the ideal location. The area of Vinohrady particularly attracts tourists, gays and lesbians, music and beer fans, with its profuse palette of gastronomic facilities of all kinds. In addition, contrary to the Old Town, whose imaginary walls were already abandoned long ago by the vast majority of locals, there are thousands of families living here. However, Prague 2 offers much more: The epicentre of nightlife, sights that cannot be ignored and wonderful parks for relaxation and entertainment.


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