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Prague 6 – Perfect Oasis of Solitude


Serial: Beautiful Prague – just imagine the most attractive parts of the city!

Villas and prefabs, a monastery and the airport, politicians and students - the differences between individual districts of Prague 6 and their residents probably could not be greater. Here we reveal who lives in Prague 6 and what makes this such a special place!

Perhaps every Praguer feels a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach when walking from his to another city district. Local patriotism is widespread in the capital and cherished by residents, although the majority of short- and long-term visitors to Prague do not even notice this phenomenon. Today we wander through another –and also the largest—urban area in our series. In any case, it is worth a visit. Prague 6 is a multi-faceted paradise, equally beloved by local residents, students and foreigners from around the world.


Tenfold Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Prague 6 is located north-west of the city centre. The green Metro line A will take you directly to the heart of this district, more precisely to Dejvice, which is the best-known part of Prague 6. Besides Dejvice, there is also Bubeneč, Břevnov, Liboc, Ruzyně, Sedlec, Střešovice, Veleslavín, Vokovice and even a piece of Hradčany. Many might find it strange that the Metro ends here, but the Airport is situated on the planned extension of Metro A, so we need to continue by bus for about ten minutes to reach the Airport. Allegedly, the Taxi Mafia is to blame for this situation. However, its influence has probably waned, because the construction is already underway.


Who lives Where?

H. Moravec@wikipedia

Strahov has perhaps always belonged to students. Their “town” consists of ten large blocks of dormitories. Here you will find the classic student pubs and restaurants and also some of the best clubs in town. For example, Club 007, which was named after the block number in which it is situated. This Club organises quality concerts practically daily, with DJ sets of Ska, Reggae and Punk music styles.
Club 001 (the name is derived in the same way) again focuses on more commercial music: mainly Hip-Hop, Funk and RnB. Both enterprises are always completely full and you will never be bored there. Břevnov, too, cannot complain about a lack of students, especially medical students. The Kajetánka University Residence is located near the majestic Pyramida Hotel. Prices are adjusted to the student environment, for example Hotel-Pool offers its facilities to external clients at very favourable prices.
The Hvězda Student Club in Kajetánka is known to every freshman for its parties. 





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