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Prague 7 – not only the Centre has a throbbing heartbeat!

Serial: Beautiful Prague – just imagine the most attractive parts of the city!

Everyone knows the Old Town and Vinohrady. However, Prague offers many more interesting sites worth visiting. In this section, we will explore Prague 7, which has a lot to offer and can easily be ranked as one of the top districts in Prague!

A little bit of history: in 1920 Prague was divided into 10 city districts. Today there are 22. The numbering starts in the centre of the metropolis and continues outwards from the city. Prague 7 stretches along the left bank of the Vltava, representing a peaceful extension to  Prague city centre.

Who will find Prague 7 ideal? Its appeal lies in the fact that it is ideal for everyone. There are no particular social differences, as there are, for example, in some parts of Prague 6 or the Old Town. The 7th district hosts all social groups – students as well as entrepreneurs, young families as well as denizens. It presents an accessible and many-faceted alternative to the hectic city centre.


Prague 7 – not only the Centre has a throbbing heartbeat!
Those who don’t know “Seven“ – as it is locally called – don’t know Prague at all. Prague 7 is Letná, Holešovice, as well as Bubeneč. What is characteristic of this area? Most people would answer: the  
green and amazing sites, Stromovka, Sparta Football, and some would even mention the old industrial district of Holešovice.

The genius of Letná
Letná is the most beautiful part of the whole district. It is mainly thanks to Letenské Sady which lies beneath the summit of Letenský Hill. During a walk through this well-maintained park, the whole of  Prague city centre is spread out before one’s eyes. The main viewpoint is on the foundations of the former Stalin Memorial. This is a tourist meeting point, as well as the romantic rendezvous for couples with bottles of wine, watching the sun set over Prague. After the Velvet Revolution, the granite “Stalin” also became a world-renowned cult site for  skateboard fanatics.

Letenský Manor, with its extensive gardens and snack-bar, ranks among the most popular destinations in this area. Throughout Summer, it buzzes here like a beehive, with the buzzing only subsiding in the late night hours, when people return home or trail away to neighbouring pubs.

Where to go for a drink
The pubs are another pleasant chapter of the 7th district. There are many of them in the area of the west of the Bubenská street, especially around the Letenské náměstí square.They are too numerous to list, however it would be a sin not to mention at least the multi-level, multi-genre Cross Club which was constructed by its owners as something resembling a work of art, with the motto:  “collect as much junk as possible, decorate the pub with it in a bizarre industrial style – and phenomenal things will happen”. Another must have-seen: The Misch Masch Black Music Club where all the posers flock to in the Holešovice district.

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